Once you embark on the journey to Kadumakki Nature Camp form Bangalore, your mind seems to transcend the pressures of the modern life – the din, hassle, concrete humongous mass – to a different world, your mind and body craves to unite.. As soon you reach the sleepy town of Sakleshpur, you immediately feel the aromas of wild and wicked world you are going to embark. Rows and rows of hills interspersed with packets of coffee plantations on the slopes. There are streams flowing with from hill tops playing serenading melodies. The sight of Western Ghats overlooking the entire horizon, not only makes you tremble and shiver in awe with the engulfing chilly weather.

The harmony in nature and its timeless beauty and splendor, makes times standstill and the heart beats. Your soul dives deep in to the depths of the harmony and beauty to absolute freedom and dance in gay abandon. Your journey is worth in every sense of the term. In to the lap and bossom of nature.

Wishing you a soulful journey into wilderness of nature and your soul !!!



Kadumakki nature camp Chagalli hanabal hobli
Jambaradi Village
sakleshpur talky Hassan district pin 573165

Telephone : ( 7-AM to 8-PM )
+91 94839 72244 / 99000 02691


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Alcohol Prohibited

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